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Derived Benefits From Nature

We continually deliver fresh insights and operational excellence, earning our position as partner of choice for world-class retailers and brands.

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LDG International

Since 1982, LDG International has developed a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of essential oils, carrier oils, natural skin-care products, raw materials, perfumes and fragrances for the professional user in India. LDG International has supplied these products for use in the flavour, fragrance, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. We are proud of the inter-personal relationships we have developed with growers/distillers and suppliers throughout Europe, USA, Australia, China, Asia, the Middle East, and naturally, within India – introducing many professionals to new, exquisite oils, and base products.

What we do

Natural Essential Oils

Natural Essential Oils are the extracts of plants in the form of concentrated volatile liquids procured from different part of the plants like flowers, leaves, fruits, spices,resins, roots, etc. They are known for their therapeutic, rejuvenating & refreshing properties. These 100% natural essential oils have a pleasant odor.

Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy refers to the inhalation and topical application of true, authentic essential oils from aromatic plants to restore or enhance health, beauty and well-being. The field of aromatherapy activity is quite wide, ranging from the deep and penetrating therapeutic actions of essential oils to the extreme subtlety of fragrance on the psyche.


The traditional Indian attars are concentrated volatile aromatic compounds that come in different kinds. Known to arouse aroma, sensuality & sexuality, these traditional Indian attars are very popular perfumes in certain parts of the world. The traditional Indian attars are made of the highest quality extracts.


Natural Flavours And Food Colours

We offer cutting-edge flavours and seasoning blends, and a unique expertise to design confectionery, bakery products combined with unrivalled knowledge of natural raw materials only to bring you the best of nature.

Personal Care and Beauty Products

LDG International’s range of Certified Natural personal care & beauty products are made from nature or natural origin and contain Organic herbs as active ingredients.

Product Development

At LDG International, our perfumers meticulously design odors by selecting ingredients from a palette totalizing thousands of items.Our product development process is surrounded by the ideas and concepts.

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